We are happy to announce the grand entrance of one of the World's Most Fuel Efficient Motorcycles. Now you can ride for 70km on a single litre of Fuel. This is one bike that will maximize your profits or help you make the biggest saving on transport. To put it into perspective, you can ride from Kampala to Entebbe and Back with no more than one litre of Petrol. Just imagine how this would change your business? The Tembo Rider is the way to go!! .



The Tembo Rider gives best mileage in all riding conditions be it "panya" roads of a village or smooth city roads. The twin spark technology in the bike ensures a better mileage where power is not sacrificed by efficient combustion. The 5 speed gearbox also aids in the mileage and gives a very smooth ride. The bike gets complete combustion with least amount of fuel by pent roof combustion chamber that is especially designed for this motorcycle. The technology in these engines ensures that you get good pickup even if your bike is on top gear hence you end up making less gear changes thus save precious fuel.



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